The Indiana General Assembly is one of three co-equal branches of Indiana government, and the 100 members of the House of Representatives and the 50 members of the Senate in many ways mirror the diversity of the populations they represent. With this website you can browse over 6,000 entries spanning 200 years about members of the General Assembly. The Indiana Legislator Database allows Hoosiers of all ages to easily access this slice of Indiana’s rich history¬†through a thoroughly modern database that supports text, audio, video, pictures, and other formats which may be invented in the future.

The Indiana Legislator Database is curated by the Indiana Legislative Services Agency, a nonpartisan office of dedicated employees serving the Indiana General Assembly. Best efforts are made to present the data in a historically accurate context. This site is continuously updated, but we need your help! If you want to contribute please use this form to submit new or corrected information.

To find out who your current state legislators are or which House or Senate district you live in, please click here.